Patreon acount

Welcome to visit my patreon acount and suport my art work. I am glad to see how many people likes and watch my paintings even it is just beginings, it is very important to me. Without your support Art dont exists and my work dont exist. Thank you alot.


self destroy Copy - Self-destructionSelf-destruction, artrage5 with oilbrush, 4000 x 4500.


ddddd Copy - GirlGirl. ArtRage5 digital paint. Pastel. 3200 x 4000.


orao Copy - EagleEagle. Digital paint. ArtRage5. Pencil and pastel. 4500 x 3800.


apple1c 397x500 - Applesspple2c 397x500 - ApplesApples. ArtRage. Oilbrush and knife. Digital paint. 5000 x 6300.

Stained glass

Untitled.ptgUntitled.ptgUntitled.ptgUntitled Copy - Stained glassStained glass. ArtRage5. Used ink and pastel. 3500 x 3000.

Stone wall

edewfd Copy - Stone wallStone wall. ArtRage5. Digital paint. Ink. 4000 x 4000.

In the woods

forest - In the woodsIn the woods. ArtRage5. Oilbrush and pencil. 4000 x 4300.


pingvini - PenguinsPenguins. Oilbrush. ArtRage 5 digital paint. 4000 x 4500.


20842004 340484109710606 8883638022535013351 n - OMMOmm. ArtRage digital paint. 2000 x 2000.